Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Producing State of the Art CNC Machines

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Over 10+ years, Arian Metal has become an industry leader in Open Source Solution, providing services like rapid prototyping, CNC Carving & Cutting, Laser Engraving & Cutting, electro-mechanical assembly and so on.


What began as a small family-owned business has grown into a premier registered company with customers throughout the region.

We operate on three key business principles of ‘Capability, Quality, and Reliability’ that have earned us a reputation for delivering superb quality and 98% on-time delivery.

Arian Metal is an certified manufacturer, built on the philosophy of 3Es, namely Excellent, Efficient and Economic, along with a dedicated team and the latest techniques to ensure your project runs successfully.

Whether you need to have that complicated part produced from a 3D visualization, or you’d just like the final stages of your product for display in a top-level meeting, Arian Metal can assist you with those needs.

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Arian Metal Industries

Producing State of the Art CNC Machines