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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Manufacturer of construction industry laboratory equipment

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

Since 1984 Azmoon Saz Mabna has been a leader in providing high quality
construction laboratory equipment and supplies in IRAN and Middle East.
An experience of more than three decades has provided us with a vast knowledge
and technical know-hows of this industry. From the very beginning, Azmoon
Saz Mabna has focused on quality and cost control. Our products are
manufactured according to the international and local standards like: ASTM,
BS, DIN, and Iran National Standard ISIRI in construction materials. We have
employed best technicians and engineers from the industry to manufacture our
Azmoon Saz Mabna designs special testing systems and devices to be used in
quality control and R&D activities alongside its mass production line. We have
own in house R&D department, which further modifies and develop new methods
to make our equipment smarter and better. Beside this we have team of well
qualified & experienced technicians on our production line to ensure prompt
and effective services for our respective customers for installation, training &
demonstration of equipment. Also all Azmoon Saz Mabna products are tested
to guarantee quality, reliability and performance, backed by the international
standards and warranties.
Today Azmoon's factories with a surfaces over than 4000m² with 80 experienced
staff provides the needs of construction companies that carry out worldwide
projects, private laboratories, universities and state institutions such as
mineral research and exploration, road and highways, environment and city
planning or hydraulics, irrigation and hydrology departments, etc.
The success of Azmoon Saz Mabna can be attributed to the company philosophy
of providing quality use and refurbished laboratory equipment for a fair
price, as well as, value – added service and support.

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Azmoon Saz Mabna

Manufacturer of construction industry laboratory equipment