Mahya Tarmim Design and Development

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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Light Cured Resin Dental Composites and Dental Materials Manufacturer

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

Mahya Tarmim Design & Development Company,(P.J.S.), established in 2015 is the leading manufacturer of light cured dental composite products in Iran.
Our cleanrooms and production facilities are located in a dedicated production plant
within Shahid Beheshti University, which houses the country’s most prestigious dental school.
Our offices are located in Tehran’s administrative heart, Haft-e-Tir sq.

Our Companies core competency is the ability to produce Hi-tech products with incomparable prices to top brands and manufacturers worldwide. This is achieved by relying on our exceptional, diverse, and highly qualified research and development team. Utilizing knowledge from multi-disciplinary fields and through the process of R&D
we have developed new technologies and produced high quality products.

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