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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

Noura Co. headquartered in Isfahan, Iran, is a leading provider of metal-based 3D printing technology in Iran. Noura is a young and innovative company (founded in 2013), but it’s strength lies in expertise of the co-founders who have been active in additive manufacturing sector since 2003.

 The company’s core business includes supplying of metal 3D printers and offering 3D printing services. Regarding the system supplying, Noura Co. focuses on the development, manufacturing and sale of metal 3D printer machines in the field of selective laser melting (SLM). Besides, the company offers its developed powder feeding systems for direct metal deposition technology.

Regarding the service providing with experience and know-how gained so far, Noura is its costumer competent partner in the development, research, production of prototypes, and end-use parts as well as delivering new solutions to their problems. Currently, 3D printing service activities including material development for SLM, medical and dental solutions, and production of prototypes and components using SLM, DMD, SLS, DLP and FDM technologies.

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