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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Hardware and software for Visually Impaired

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

Pactos Inc. the first and only manufacturer of hardware for blind people in Iran was founded in 1992 by four graduates of SUT (Sharif University of Technology) in Tehran, Iran. Main products of Pactos are:


  • SBJ (Smart Barjastehnegar): Barjastehnegar Hooshmand Hamrah (SBj) is a portable device designed to be used in the classroom, at home or at work and  is the only Iranian PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with Farsi and English braille and audio output and with complete  after-sales service. Technical Specifications:
    • 20 cells, each with 8 anti-allergic plastic pins
    • 20 CR keys
    • 6800 mah Rechargeable Battery
    • WIFI and Bluetooth interfaces
    • 64 GB free internal storage
    • HDMI port for monitor and TV
    • 3 USB ports (for Keyboard  and flash drive)

    Software Specifications:

    • Word processor ( English & Farsi )
    • Supported file reader Doc, Docx, txt, pn, klk, brf (English & Farsi)
    • Dictionary (English-English , English-Farsi , Farsi-English , Farsi-Farsi)
    • Phonebook
    • Audio Player
    • Calculator
    • Quran

    Bluetooth and USB connection with Jaws and NVDA screen reader

  • BR4: 20 cell Braille display with drivers for working with Jaws nad NVDA screen readers.


  • Gooya: Is the first Farsi Text To Speech software with natural human voice based on 2 different voices, Omid (male voice) and Ava (female voice.)
    By using the smart NLP which observes the Farsi grammar rules, Gooya meets the standards of a fluent speaking TTS.
  • Pacjaws:  Farsi support for JAWS  and NVDA. Provides the Farsi Braille and voice output for JAWS & NVDA screen readers. Pacjaws has 3 different voices: Navid, Omid & Ava. The natural human voice of Pacjaws and its strong smart NLP enables the Farsi speaking visually impaired to have better access to IT world.



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