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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

● Erythropoietin API
● EPODION Prefilled Syringe Injection
First Biosimilar Medicine in Indonesia (rh-Erythropoietin Alfa) Indication: Anemia
Dosage: 2000IU, 3000IU, 4000IU, 10000IU
Specification: Prefilled Syringe Injection
● Easyef Topical Spray
First New Biological Product in the World (Recombinant Human – Epidermal Growth Factor)
Indication: Wound Healing
Dosage: 10 ml, 20 ml (0,005% Dermal Solution Topical Spray) Specification: Spray Type
● Caretropin Injection (BPOM Approval Q4 2020) Biosimilar of Somatropin
Indication: Growth Hormone deficiency Dosage: 22,5 IU/1,5 ml
Specification: Cartridge Type & Pen Device

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