Tarrah Tajhiz Pouyesh Paya

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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Manuficturer of Medical Devices

Description of the Company's Activities, Products & Services

In 2013, the Tarrah Tajhiz Pouyesh Paya company started its informal activity in the field of planning and designing the devices needed by medical centers in the field of vacuum therapy and entrepreneurship for the talented youth of the country, and in 2016, it officially started with the registration number 10953 in the Tehran Companies Registration Office. used

In line with the realization of the general policies of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and with the realization of the slogan of resistance economy, this company has launched its own production line in the field of vacuum therapy products and injection pumps, relying on the knowledge and experience of engineers and specialists. Irani has succeeded in producing very high quality products that can compete with European and American brands.

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