Rayan Teb Pishgham Parmis

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Specialized Field of Activity

Specialized Field of Activity
Educational Simulation

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It is a technologically advanced educational system that simulates human anatomy. Smart virtual dissection table (KALBODNAMA) is a technically advanced educational system for medical students providing a touch screen which enables them to learn the human anatomy using real human body datasets. It can be a valuable alternative for cadaver-based studies.



Unlike cadavers which are disposable, KALBODNAMA is reusable, so there are no recurring acquisition costs, the product will save significant money.

Unlike high preservation costs of cadavers such as freezer requirement, storage and formalin treatment, KALBODNAMA has no maintenance costs.

While the cadavers are so scarce and costly, KALBODNAMA is so reasonable.

Toxic and chemical treated cadavers have significant effects on human health & environment.

Using the unique capabilities of the Adobe Connect program installed on the body map will allow you to teach online.

The unique Osteology section of Kalbodnama, including attachments and landmarks, allows you to explore real bones in 3D.

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Rayan Teb Pishgham Parmis

Educational Simulation